Jesus at on the Earth

This is the final episode of the Jesus at Walmart Trilogy.

The ever-endearing Malachi Marble continues his journey of faith, blended with his characteristic moments of faltering. His uncertainty. His overly analytical mind.

The emotionally propelled story tugs at the heart. And at the same time, laughter rousing scenes abound.

Throughout its pages, Jesus at Walmart…fire on the Earthserves up a unique sampling of insightfulness.  Malachi Marble style—with God’s amazing grace.

The story’s intriguing cast of characters, breathe life into this page-turning adventure full of plot twists and surprises.

And like the other books in the Jesus at Walmart Trilogy, this novel can be enjoyed as a standalone experience. 

"It made me laugh, cry, and thank God I am His child.

My words are not adequate enough to describe how your book impacted and touched  me."


Rick, thank you for these Jesus at Walmart books. I just finished the third one and I am in tears. I loved each of them.


 "I just finished reading book 3 in the Jesus at Walmart Trilogy and I love, love, loved these books."


Jesus at Walmart...a Reed Shaking in the Wind

In this fully stocked 246-page novel two beloved favorites come together—Jesus and Walmart. Fueled by Pastor Malachi Marble’s fall from faith, which tumbles him into the late night world of Walmart.

Author Rick Leland spent fourteen months working as a Walmart Overnight Stocker doing research for the book. Well, not purely for research.

“Actually I needed the money to live on,” Leland said. “But I knew God was working something out in my life, as inspiration for Jesus at Walmart emerged even before my first night’s work was over.” 

Walk past the greeter; into the heart of Walmart with Malachi Marble. Grab a shopping cart. You’ll need something to hang onto during this trip to Walmart like no other. 

And when you exit Jesus at Walmart, expect to leave a changed person. 



 "Thanks for a great book that I couldn’t put down once I started reading…special thanks for making it inspiring and motivating."

Hugo Villanueva M.

PIB Satélite Church-Mexico City


"A must read for any Christian out there!"

Megan Simmons 


“Leland’s manner of writing is like the tidewaters on the east coast; they pull you in…you will not be able to resist reading the next page.”

From review

“The author is amazingly talented with descriptions and personalities…making you feel like you're right there in the middle of the story.”

From review

Living the God Imprinted Life

Living the God Imprinted Life is like spending time with a friend who understands, encourages, and gives you hope.

The author’s vignettes of his own life, the people he knows, and the ones he meets along the way; help us to rediscover: Christian-life is in our everyday, often seemingly simple experiences. Not Sunday only. Not just one big project for God.

Living the God Imprinted Life contains thirty-eight inspirational stories, which the author has augmented with a companion application-focused devotional. With the aim: from the head to the heart to a life that is more God-imprinted.

*Imprinted: To bear an indelible and distinguishing mark of influence and effect.


"It is a marvelously inspiring book."

Phyllis Peters

National Federation of Press Women


 "The brightest experience: the general tone of the devotionals ... positive, wise, and spiritual."

Dr. Stephen Swihart 

Face to Face with God


"It's a wonderful book! It's down to earth yet inspiring and uplifting."

Deb Wuethrich

Editor-The Tecumseh Herald




























 Jesus at Walmart...the Cost

In book two of the Jesus at Walmart Trilogy, Malachi Marble is still working at Walmart.

The former pastor, toils through the night while attempting to keep the desire of his heart alive—his passion to serve God and his coworkers at the store.

Join Malachi as his life, his faith, and his yearnings become exposed to vulnerability’s limit.

Walk past the greeter, into the heart and soul of Walmart with Malachi. Another trip to Walmart like no other, awaits you.

And may you enjoy the venue of fiction for exploring thoughts and ideas to new depths.


 "The author is amazingly talented with descriptions and personalities, and that type of writing makes you feel like you're right there in the middle of the story."

Excerpt from an Amazon Review

 "I have never read a book that is so interesting and it teaches-not preaches!"

Excerpt from an Amazon Review

"I was captivated by the story line, moved by the transparency of your characters, taught about the Lord's grace, mercy and compassion over and over, and enlightened by the simplicity of your message. I laughed; I cried and fell in love with Jesus. Outstanding work!

Thank you for letting God move through you and allow us to enjoy this experience."

A fan of your work...Angela T.

"Excellent, Excellent and I can't wait for the last book in the Jesus at Walmart series."

From review